Workshop Outline – Franchise Site Selection & Territory Planning

Group discussion of site selection problem

How do we learn the Drivers of the business and their importance?

? Opinion and gut feeling – necessary in early development or

small chains

? Statistical Analysis

Data available for undertaking analysis

? Census data and Business count data

? Mapping and distances (Spatial measurements)

? Generators of business

? Traffic counts – Zenith Traffic

? Shopping Centre data  GLAR & MAT

?What can we look up on the web?

Methods of analysis

? Gut feeling

? Low level analysis – checkchart

? High level analysis – statistical modelling – regression modelling

? Very high level analysis – extremely expensive (eg. MPSI, NeuroLocator

in international oil industry)

Data Packs

Demographic summary

? Business Demographic summary

? Various mapping options incl Google earth and Layered pdf maps.

Territory Planning

? Use for establishing territories of similar potential

? Can be for franchising or marketing areas.

? Some analysis of How Many Territories required

? Evaluate each area (postcode) using TMI

? Create “Units of Demand” for each area

? Aggregate into territories

Summary of the Day’s information

A few workshop exercises will also be done in small groups.