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 Our guest columnist Jane Griffiths from My HR Advisor gives us some tips on how to improve your employer (and industry) branding in just 5 easy steps.

I have been working with a number of companies lately whose industry sectors aren’t the most sexy or highly paid (i.e. anything other than mining). They find it is very difficult to attract and hold on to good staff.  So much so that one company is accepting of nearly 50% turnover per year – that’s half their staff walking out the door each year with all their knowledge and customer contacts.

When we have dug a bit deeper, we have discovered that there are some great stories in their company.  For example people who have joined them as a school leaver and have been given the opportunity to succeed, sometimes rising to the level of senior manager. We are working on how to capture those stories and make it part of their employer branding, making their industry a credible alternative to the short term attraction of the FIFO lifestyle.

Here are my 5 tips for improving your employer (and industry) branding

Celebrate success

Ask your staff for the stories of success and achievement.  Find ways to incorporate this in your literature – on your website, in YouTube videos, in your adverts.  The most exciting energy I feel in organisations is pride in the job – find it, nurture it and publicise it – it’s catching!

Detail a career path

What are the steps to success in your organisation?  How long would someone expect to be at one level before they move on to the next?  What do they need to be capable of before moving on?

Creating the career path helps to set clear expectations, and enables people to dare to dream that they can realise their true potential.

Provide training and development

The career path needs to be backed up with genuine commitment to help your staff move from one level to the next. This can be certificate training through a Registered Training Organisation; assessing your staff against your own internal standards and competencies; or mentoring from someone inside or outside of the organisation.

Help your staff create their own personal development plan.

Build in recognition and feedback

Find a way to make it meaningful to your organisation and fitting with your culture.  If you are introducing a formal performance appraisal system for the first time, start simple at first and concentrate on the conversation between manager and employee.  No one gets motivated by pages of tick boxes and rating assessments.

Make sure you build in plenty of opportunities for informal feedback as well to keep your people in the right direction.

Lead with passion

The most important – believe in your industry and company, because if you don’t who will?  And if you have lost some of your passion – go back to the floor and see what your people achieve every day, often that is where the greatest inspiration is to be found.

For more information visit http://www.myhradviser.com.au/

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