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It may be stating the obvious but a business that knows where it wants to go is much more likely to get there than one that does not.

Having a clear vision of where you want your company to go, what you want your company to do for customers and team members and how you will assess whether you have made it or not are essential for performing high and achieving your goals.

It’s not enough to manage your business with just the bottom line in mind. As the leader and business owner, you have to keep your eyes on the bigger issues like the future direction of your company. Your vision for the company should stretch yours and your team members’ expectations, aspirations and performance. It should also reflect the way you see the world and define what success will look like in your organization.

Chances are you have a vision that is already driving you and your organization. But it may just be lurking in the recesses of your mind and in the corners of your corporate culture. Simply put, it is just too important to leave it to such an informal approach. Writing, clarifying and communicating your vision will set your company on a course for success.

To get started consider these important questions:

• What do I want my business to look like when it’s finally done?

• What specific things do I want to achieve

• Why did I start this business to begin with?

• What motivates me and makes me passionate about the business I am in?

• What distinguishes my business from all the rest or how can I distinguish my business?

Creating a strong and formal vision is not an easy task but it can be a fun one. After all, this is about defining your dreams and making your business what you want it to be. Contact us to learn more about completing or reviewing your Vision, Mission and Value Statements.