Thinking of Franchising Your Business?

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Did you know that Australia is the most-franchised nation (per head of population) in the world?

Did you know it was the largest sector employer in 2013- employing approximately 650 000 Australians?

Did you know that it contributed over 150 billion dollars to the Australian economy last year in 2013?

Do you want a piece of that pie?

Franchising is clearly a proven business model that allows companies to expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity.

It requires minimal capital investment on the franchisor’s behalf as franchisees provide the initial investment at the unit level. In addition, since it’s the franchisee, and not the franchisor, who signs the lease and commits to various service contracts, franchising allows for expansion with virtually no contingent liability- reducing the franchisor’s risk!

Check out our infographic to pique your interest (click for larger):

Thinking of Franchising Your Business_newsmall

Click here to download the print-friendly pdf.

Did you answer yes to any of the questions on the bottom corner of the infographic? Do you want your business to effectively expand through franchising? It’s more work than you may think and the proof is in the large range of franchising services my organisation, BDA offers such as:

¨ Franchise System Development
¨ Business Viability Review.
¨ Financial Modelling
¨ System Guidelines
¨ Documentation

  • Operations Manuals
  • Franchisee Recruitment Systems
  • Franchisee Training Framework
  • Site Selection Manual
  • Sales material
  • Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Marketing Plans.

¨ Ongoing Strategic Advice

Don’t hesitate to contact me: or +61 412 345 611 for your free 2-hour consultation – you have nothing to lose but potential results you could be seeing by not seeing me sooner!

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