So You Think You Can Dance?

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

How do I know that the franchise system I am buying into is viable in the medium to long term?

So your about to be a franchisee? Well let’s hope that you have evaluated the franchise system and satisfied all the key areas that will keep you dancing in the system you have chosen. This decision will have a large impact on the lives of you and all members of your family.

Whether it is a mobile domestic service such as Lawn Mowing, Car Detailing, or a retail based business in a suburban or regional shopping centre, you should conduct a detailed and thorough evaluation of that franchise to ensure that it is the best opportunity for you and your family.

Some key areas of your review should cover:

You may feel like you are dancing with wolves at times, but knowing the right questions to ask will keep you from tripping on your two left feet!!!! 

Ask these further questions of the Franchisor:

Hopefully, the franchise that you have chosen passes your evaluation process and the lessons learnt along the way will help you choose the right dance instructor that will take you to the Nationals. The key is to find out if the instructor you have chosen can actually dance the Waltz, Quickstep and when required the Rumba as there will inevitably be different tunes playing over the next 5 – 10 years that will require different expertise. It’s no good if all they know is the Macarena!!!

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