She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

 Franchising has often been referred to as a ‘marriage’ – a marriage between the Franchisor and the Franchisee. However, there is a new spin on the ‘marriage’ concept; married couples looking to become business partners in a franchise. Married couples across the country who constantly struggle to balance the responsibilities of working long hours, trying to spend time with each other and possibly caring for their children, too; are eager to find a solution.

More couples are turning to franchise ownership as a way to gain control of their work/home life – and still bring home the bacon. Franchising gives husband-and-wife teams the opportunity to capitalize on a turnkey business model, recognized branding, training and more, all the while allowing couples to be their own bosses.

Such opportunities provide greater flexibility than a traditional corporate job, freeing up more time to spend with the family – and each other. It’s also a great way for former stay-at-home moms to re-enter the workforce in an industry about which they feel passionately.

Husband and wife franchisee teams working together can bring a sense of security; they are each others’ most trusted advisors.

But don’t be mistaken; similar to marriage, owning a business has its growing pains and challenges. Knowing when to work together is just as important as knowing when to stay out of each other’s way!

Good clear honest communication, is the key as many little ‘misunderstandings’ have the potential to explode both at work and on the home front. Some key considerations are:

Family friendly franchises provide a wonderful opportunity for business minded people who wear many hats. As a mother, a father, a wife, or a husband, finding a franchise with flexible work hours is a must. In order to have a successful franchise, it is imperative that you invest in a franchise system that can accommodate the responsibilities you have at home.

If you’re considering going into franchising with your ‘other half’, ensure it’s a business match made in heaven.

For more information on Family Friendly Franchising, please Click here to contact Mark Fernandez, Director of Business Development Alliance

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