Regional Development Partner

Is your franchise network ready to take the next step in growth and expand interstate or internationally?  BDA can assist you in growing your franchise system across the country or globally.

Franchises in Australia are the largest sector employers – employing 650 thousand a year. They also contributed 150 billion dollars to the Australian economy in 2013 and show no signs of stopping growth with the number of business format franchise systems growing from 977 in 2010 to 1137 in 2012.

In order to tap into the market there is the necessary requirement of local knowledge and the right alliance partners to assist you in your growth.

BDA can assist you in growing your Franchise System across the country and will act as your ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground.

In essence we can act as the Franchisor in all aspects of your business and assist you as you face the challenges of establishing yourself in a new region. Then when the number of franchisees are at a level wherein the model allows for a Regional Manager or Master Franchisee, we can assist you in their selection and train them in delivering your vision amongst the group and cultivating the culture that made your franchise network successful at its inception.

Sourcing Site Locations
Franchisee Information Session Host
Franchisee Recruitment Services
Interstate/Global Reporting
Franchisee Auditing
Supplier Acquisition & Management
Mediation Assistance
Local Area Marketing
Market Research
Demographic Studies
Franchisee  Meetings
1:1 Franchisee Coaching
Compliance Workshops
Training – Initial & Ongoing
Master Franchisee Mentoring

With over 35 years of experience in the franchising world- BDA are the natural choices if you are wanting expert consultants with local knowledge of the market.

We have assisted many franchise networks in the past successfully establish themselves in new regions. Whilst it is a huge undertaking; with our personnel guiding you along the way and your vision – the possibilities for growth are exponential!