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Our recent research into the condition and currency of operations manuals showed no surprises. There were a number of large and established Franchisors who admitted that they had not reviewed their manual for a number of years – some had not been reviewed since it’s inception!!!.

Questions that need to be asked of your documentation

Do your Franchisees use the Operations Manual the way it should be? 

Is it up to date so that it can be used as a reliable reference source?

Are you concerned about the security of your IP in the Manual?

Or … is it gathering dust in a corner or holding open the door?????

Your Operations Manual forms part of your Franchise Agreement, but your Franchisees probably don’t even read it

We can create your Operations Manual as its own web page with the following benefits:

All this and more is achieved when we attach your Operations Manual to your web site with the added benefit of automatic confirmation of Franchisees receiving and viewing new advices.  Compliance management is substantially enhanced – and so easily!

Each section of your Operations Manual becomes a drop down page like your web site for very simple and fast navigation.

We have even included an area for your newsletters and special advices giving Franchisees more reason to use The Operations Manual on–line.  The Manual suddenly becomes a workable training tool. 

If you have not reviewed your Manual in the last few years it is probably not up to date with your own internal changes as well as the many legislative changes covering OH&S and employment awards and entitlements.  We can assist with a review of your Manual just to bring it up-to-date with Best Practice

For more information and a demonstration, please contact:

Mark Fernandez


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