Organizational Design and Business Process Flow Mapping

Strategic Planning
Business Plans
Business Reviews
Business Start-up Programs
Value Proposition Definition
Business Health Check
Operations Manuals/Documentation
Key Performance Indicator Monitoring
Business Systems + Exit Strategy Development
Job Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities
Vision, Mission and Value Statements
Business Coaching/Mentoring
Profit Improvement Potential
Excellence in Customer Service
Financial Management Strategies and Analysis
Cash Flow Forcasting
Team Building and Retention
Organisation Design and Business Proccess Flow Mapping

Every business revolves around the purpose of transforming something into something else of greater value. Whether it is a cabinet making shop taking wood and laminate and transforming it into kitchen cabinets, or a restaurant taking food and ingredients, an ambient location and good service and transforming that into well fed, satisfied and relaxed customers.
The operation of your business is concerned with the production of goods and/or services that will create value. You are in the business of taking basic ingredients (inputs) and developing them into something else which is of greater value (outputs).

We’ll help you save time and money by streamlining and assessing your business processes with the following questions in mind:

We can work with you to identify the appropriate production or operational methods for your business and greatly improve your business process effectiveness (and save you money in the process). Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.