Looking to Buy a Franchise? We can Help you.

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

BDA – Business Development Alliance is a one-of-a-kind franchising consulting firm. Over the years we have developed the essential systems and procedures for success. We consult with franchise executives both locally and internationally to provide you with the very best advice and the latest advances in technology.

BDA’s proven 5-module model will assist you in making the right choice when buying a franchise business. We can help you at all stages from developing your business plan through to submitting your franchise application.

Module One:
Introduction to franchising- is franchising for you?

Module Two:
The costs of buying a franchise and the availability of finance.

Module Three:
The franchise agreement and other franchise documentation.

Module Four:
Getting started and finding the right franchise.

Module Five:
Franchise selection and development.

We trust this process to provide you with guidance on the integral areas that need to be addressed when considering buying a franchise.

Be aware that when buying a franchise you are about to face the same challenges that would experience when purchasing any other form of business. However being a ‘legal relationship’ it has added complications that must be researched and understood.

Any business acquisition, including a franchise, contains a commercial risk. You must be prepared to take that risk if you wish to benefit from the rewards of business ownership. The decision is yours and yours alone.

Buying a franchise system does appear to reduce the risks; however it is not a guarantee of success. Utilising our expertise in franchise selection; we will minimise your risk and ensure that you make the right educated choice.

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