Online Docs is an innovate online tool that is designed to make your business run smoother.

Why should I put my operations manuals online?

By implementing online docs to your business, your immediate benefits as a Business Owner are:

Why should I use Online Docs for my Business?

Version Control

Update the information in your documents without the worry of previous archives. With the use of version control, the online docs saves previous article versions, making it quick and easy to:

Secure area for information

Your operations manuals can be implemented in the following scenarios:

Auto-generation of menu based on categorisation of content

The process of adding content to your operations manuals has been further simplified, thanks to:

  1. Drag and drop interface for your content – Rearrange the order of your content (admin and employee view) by simply dragging and dropping the content articles into the particular order that you are after; and
  2. Auto-generation of the menu structure – by simply keeping your content organised, your menu structure will also auto-update, eliminating the issue of double filing your information.

Document management system

Store checklists, forms, and other frequently used printed documents in our document management library. Use the document management library to:

Compliance of employees through email communication

Send emails to your staff informing them of any updates to the system. View your statistics and reports to ensure that your staff and received and opened the emails, thus being assured that they have read the information.

How does this conflict with version control?

Our communication tool provides you with the functionality to embed website content directly into the email itself. Thu

Search Functionality

As your documentation continues to evolve and grow, it is important to create a logical menu structure that allows for ease to find information. However, should your staff have any difficulties finding what they are after, our search functionality allows them to look through the whole intranet site at the click of a button.

Company Branded

Upon implementation, the system, is branded to contain your colours and logo, thus making your staff feel like they are using something that is their own.

Eliminate costs to reproduce/update your manuals

An electronic system now eliminates the requirement to reproduce reams of printed content that needs to be delivered to your stores. Your saved costs include:

Furthermore, as the documents stay in one convenient place, you can simply use our communication tool to inform staff of the new/updated information, rather than sending additions to the printed doc that simply get lost in the pile on your desk.

Create an active portal to engage staff

Due to its simplicity to add content, many of our clients have begun to use this system as a forum for employees. This engages constant communication and encourages staff to visit the site more often. Examples include:

Maintained by KREMEDIA

Rest assured that should you, or your staff have any issues with the use of the system, KREMEDIA is simply a phone call or email away. If one of our staff members cannot assist on the spot, your query will be passed on to your account manager, who will act as your representative within KREMEDIA.

Backed by a service level agreement and years of experience developing this system just for you, the staff will make their utmost effort to assist you.

If the system lacks functionality, then feel free to voice your opinion. If it is the same voice from the masses, we will come up with a way to develop the function into a future version. Else, we can assist by providing a custom quotation and built the feature exclusively for you.

Framework for expansion

KREMEDIA has staff that are always ensuring to iron out bugs, develop features and fulfil requests. Any features that have been created are then installed on your system by us, keeping you up to date at all times.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Eliminate the frustration of your management team and your employees by providing a one-stop resource library for your manuals. Allow your staff to become self sufficient in learning the way of your business, without the need to constantly asking for assistance from your management.