Franchising Your Business

Are you thinking about turning your business into a franchise?

BDA – Business Development Alliance is a one-of-a-kind franchising consulting firm. Over the years we have developed the essential systems and procedures for success. We consult with franchise executives both locally and internationally to provide you with the very best advice and the latest advances in technology.

Our team’s franchise industry experience will increase your revenue, enhance your profitability, reduce your exposure to risk and provide the confidence you need to succeed as a Franchisor.

We work shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs who are keen to learn how to successfully franchise their business.

If you have one business unit or a number of units / outlets we can assist you in growing your business and building on the foundation stones that are already in place.

Our responsibility is to ensure that you receive the very best advice in developing your franchise system. As a Franchisor your role is to provide the roadmap, build great relationships with suppliers, to inspire Franchisees to have a better quality of life and build the asset they have purchased.

Most businesses that choose to franchise do so because they face at least one if not all of these three limitations: –

Capital –      They lack large amounts of capital. It is difficult to grow any business without the necessary capital.  Opportunities can be lost and competitive advantage squandered unnecessarily.

People –      They have problems in recruiting, retaining, or motivating good management, agents or staff.  They perhaps experience difficulty in managing large numbers of personnel at a distance from company headquarters.

Time –         They need to expand more rapidly than traditional methods would normally allow. It is impossible to be in two places at the same time and one can only deal with a limited number of issues without compromise.  Ultimately the business could be compromised and performance may suffer.


Proven            Do you have sustained proof of success over a period of time?

Profitable       Would the profits generated by your business be attractive to others?

Replicable      Can the skills and operations be taught to others?  Is the location of your                            business unique or will it work successfully elsewhere?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to each of these questions it is likely that your business has the potential to be franchised.

Today franchising is not just hanging a sign on the door saying “franchise” and having an agreement prepared.

The government, industry, community and of course franchise purchasers demand much more!  The concept and offering needs to be thoroughly researched and the system and documentation professionally prepared to reflect the results of this research in the context of a move into franchising.  We at BDA are experts in this field.


Franchise System Development
Business Viability Review
Financial Modelling
System Guidelines
Operations Manuals
Franchisee Recruitment Systems
Franchisee Training Framework
Site Selection Manual
Sales material
Disclosure Document
Franchise Agreement
Marketing Plans
Ongoing Strategic Advice