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In this installment of FRANCHISING STARS we interview FINN FRANCHISING’s Master Franchisee Ryan Willsher.


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Finn Franchise Brokers has been extremely successful in selling franchises across Australia, what do you think is central to Finn’s success?

There is no doubt the power of a network that has franchisee Australia wide sharing information on a daily basis is key to our success. There is no other business broker network like it. On top of that the support provided by the franchisor and the systems that are continually developed make growing the business much easier than if we were operating as an independent

What is the biggest challenge right in your particular business and the sector you trade in?

At the moment the biggest challenges we face are unrealistic expectations from vendors on the sale price for their business, coupled with a strong buyers market providing a lot of choice for people in the market for a franchise. This along with the always tough lending criteria the banks have can sometimes mean we come across candidates that could be excellent franchisees but just aren’t in a financial position to enter a franchise system.

Describe a typical day in your line of work.

My day always starts with some sort of exercise – Running, riding, & rowing are my favourites and keeps my going for the rest of the day. I then spend an hour clearing emails, an hour meeting with staff, then the rest of my day is allocated purely to meeting with people who are interested in buying or selling a franchise. The day ends with another check of emails and then time with the family

What is going to be the focus for Finn this financial year?

Increasing awareness of our brand with franchisees. There are still a large number of existing franchisees in WA that don’t know they have a specialised option when looking to sell their business

How did you get into the business of franchise broking?

I had experience with business broking when I was working in London. When I came home I was looking for a business with a good niche that I could grow from scratch. When I came across Finn Franchise Brokers it seemed like the perfect fit as all my experience had been working with small business owners

What’s your source of job satisfaction?           

100% helping franchisees, whether it is buying their first business, or helping them move on to the next stage of their life

How do you benchmark your franchisee success?

How happy my customers and my staff are. If we are all working together, hitting our targets, selling franchises, and we are all happy to be working together then we will keep growing and be successful in our market

Define ‘success’ in five words.

Lifestyle, time with family, happiness.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date and why?

A Sales Manager I worked for at Xerox in the UK  – a guy by the name of Phil Hoyle. He taught me how to manage people and customers to get the best result for everyone.

Why should we go to the BDA/Finn Franchising/FCA WA Excellence in Franchising Awards this year?

If you are involved in the franchise industry in any shape or form its important to come along and recognise those people who are making a difference. Apart from that you will meet more than a few great contacts who can help you with your business as well as having a great night

Ryan is our franchise expert for the Perth CBD & Northern suburbs of Perth where he has lived for over 20 years. He has a strong passion for all forms of franchising and small business. He has gained extensive experience in both the SME and Corporate world over his 15 year career as well as working in both Canada and the UK. Locally based in the Mullaloo area Ryan’s main interest is helping both families and investors in starting and growing their small businesses. He has an extensive background in marketing, business development, management and many other areas needed to grow a small business. His clients find all of this experience extremely useful when evaluating their next business opportunities. On a weekly basis Ryan meets a large number of buyers, sellers, and franchise industry experts that can assist you with making the right decision. Always putting his clients needs first Ryan is ready to help anyone with making the life changing decision of either buying or selling their business.

Finn Franchising

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