FRANCHISING STARS: 10 Minutes With Concise Creative’s Gareth Lane

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

In this installment of FRANCHISING STARS, we interview the Director and Licensor of Concise Creative – Gareth Lane.


How was Concise Creative conceived?
On the day of my 18th Birthday, I marched into the Commonwealth Bank and asked for a credit card. I got $5,000 approved on the spot and off I went. Those were the days.

What is the biggest challenge right in your particular business and the sector you trade in?
Getting a regulator. Our industry is immensely over populated with one man bands who actually don’t know what they are doing. Almost every industry except ours is regulated which creates a quality standard. Unfortunately its the client who pays the price at the end of the day.

What sets Concise Creative apart from its competitors?
We don’t sell product sold by sales people. We sell results based solutions sold by our licensees who are small business owners themselves.

What is going to be the focus for Concise Creative this financial year?

What qualities do you look for in a prospective franchisee and how does that tie in with the Concise Creative brand?
Our licensees must be likeable, sociable and enjoy good coffee.

How do you benchmark franchisee success?
Client and licensee satisfaction. If our clients and licensees are happy, we are happy. Not everything is about bottom line.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date and why?
Richard Branson may sound like a default answer but I read his book ‘Loosing my Virginity’ when I was 16/17 and that really inspired me. My amazing loyal team would be second.

What do you believe lies in the future of marketing?
The word “marketing” is an unknown. No one actually knows what it truely means. My take on the word is “marketing is to sell more stuff to more people, more often, and at a higher margin than you did before” and that is something Concise Creative does extremely well for our clients.

As a founder of Redflag Lanfest, do you still have time to LAN? And if so what’s your game of choice?
Unfortunately not. While I don’t have the wife and 2.2 kids, I do have the fiancée, fur child and extensive alcohol collection. They are my ‘game of choice’ nowadays.

Concise Creative is an award-winning, full-service digital, creative and marketing agency- their direct approach ensures they deliver personalised Branding StrategyDigital ConsultingResponsive Website Design and Complete Managed Solutions in a fresh, efficient manner, all implemented over connected technologies, platforms and media. To find out more check out their website or give them a call at 1300 452 388.

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