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Franchise System Review

The Franchise System Review ‘Health Check’ stage comprises a review of the existing franchise network structure and infrastructure in view of franchising best practice and current plans, and a report on the current performance levels associated with both Franchisor and Franchisee operations.

The Franchise System Review ‘Health Check’ is key to understanding gaps, risks and broad opportunities for improvement associated within the current franchise network structure. The review also helps by researching and analysing current levels of Franchisor and Franchisee performance. With respect to Franchisee performance, this section will help identify performance associated with different Franchisee configurations and issues. Finally, the Franchise System Review ‘Health Check’ identifies the platform upon which changes can be made in order to maximise the brands opportunities whilst mitigating potential risks.

The completed Franchise System Review ‘Health Check’ report, will inform the next Strategic Planning stage.

The Franchise System Review ‘Health Check’ stage comprises two inter-related steps.

A)   Review of Existing Franchise Network Plans and Infrastructure

This will involve a request for a wide range of documents associated with the franchise network. In addition we will require meetings with Senior Management. Time will be spent understanding the current plans for the network, and understanding and reviewing the existing Franchise network infrastructure.

B)   Review of Existing Levels of Franchise System Performance

This will involve a request for financial documents and require interviews with both Franchisor management and selected franchisees. The objective is to review and assess current levels of performance at both the Franchisor and Franchisee levels

Franchise Advisor

Your role as the Franchisor requires your full time attention. There are many tasks that if not actioned quickly have the potential to hinder your growth plans.

Alongside our extensive range of consulting services to create and further develop business systems, BDA also provides this range of additional support to Franchisors. This range of services is based on providing advice to you instead of doing work for you.

Whilst not always clearly recognized, coaching and mentoring is a critical part of any sound business; as the decision makers must have the opportunities for brainstorming, bouncing ideas off and even having someone just listen to some of their crazy ideas. The success of any organization is a direct result of the collective performance of its individuals.

To achieve your personal and organizational objectives, you need to play an active role in developing the skills of the people reporting to you, maximizing their strengths and identifying and improving on their weaknesses.

Most Franchisors make many small and unfortunate mistakes in the process of executing their strategic growth plans and our task is to minimise those where possible.

Ask any experienced Franchisor and they will tell you that if they had benefited from experienced help along the way, they would have achieved their goals that much sooner.

This supports a significant saving to the business in time and money and a lower level of frustration along the way.

Whilst it is not wise to rush a franchise growth plan it is wise to move at a steady pace as the economy of scale must be reached sooner rather than later for every franchise system thus avoiding lost opportunity and profit. With our help it is likely that your goals will be reached sooner and your rewards might then be achieved in line with your plans. Growth in unit numbers and revenue is a must for any business, and in particular for successful franchising.

There are a variety of good reasons as to why you may need a Franchise Advisor:

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