Franchise System Review

What was relevant at one time for your franchise may not be so current now thus it’s important to go undergo a Franchise System Review periodically to ensure your organisation is performing at its optimum level.

BDA’s Franchise System Review is a two-part process comprising of an assessment of the existing franchise network, structure and infrastructure in view of best practices and future goals as well as a report on the current performance levels associated with both Franchisor and Franchisee relationships.

PART A: Review of Existing Franchise Network Plans and Infrastructure

This step will involve a request for a number of documents associated with the franchise network.

In addition we will require meetings with Senior Management. Time will be spent on current plans and understanding and reviewing the existing network infrastructure.

PART B: Review of Existing Levels of Franchisee Performance

This step will involve a request for financial documents and require interviews with both Franchisor management and selected franchisees. The objective is to review and assess current levels of performance at both the Franchisor and Franchisee levels (considering different configurations).

Parts A & B collectively provide a strong basis and benchmark upon which future plans can be formulated amd future performance can be measured against.

With over 35 years of experience working alongside esteemed franchise executives; we have assisted many franchises to reach their fullest potential.

Our combination of a hard system and soft system analysis process ensures that your organisation is always at the cutting edge of your respective industry and is robust enough for future growth.