Franchise Site Selection Workshop

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

Business Development Alliance Australia’s premier Franchise Consultancy were excited to present the Franchise Site Selection and Territory Planning Workshop on Wednesday 13th June 2012, in Perth.

BDA were proud to present Peter Buckingham the Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd. It had been over 3 years since Peter has been in town. Peter Buckingham spoke at the event and offered his expertise in site selection and territory planning.  We had a fantastic response and everyone enjoyed the day!

Peter will gave an overview of the Site selection process, including understanding what data is available and how to analyse it, what are the business drivers, site selection processes for retail and service businesses, available mapping, how to select the most suitable site processes for different sized businesses and the logic behind Territory or Preferred Market Area Planning.

This seminar was designed to address these key topics in Site Selection and to inform and train Franchisors, Franchise Managers, System Territory Planners, Leasing Consultants, Recruitment Managers, Area Developers, Master Franchisees, Property Managers and CEO’s.

For further info on site selection n territory planning please contact Peter Buckingham (link to contacts page on website) or call:

Mark Fernandez


Business Development Alliance

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