Franchise Manager

As your ‘Franchise Manager’ we will review and work with you to build a successful franchise system. The key here is to work closely with the franchisees and cultivate a culture of excellence in everything that the organisation does and will do.

This is a ‘hands on’ approach wherein BDA will work within your organisation anywhere from half a day per week to full time depending on your requirements.

To achieve your personal and organizational objectives; as a Franchisor you need to play an active role in developing the skills of the people reporting to you by maximizing their strengths and identifying and improving on their weaknesses.

Our Franchise Manager services often lead to important discussions regarding recruitment strategies, property and site issues, management matters, marketing initiatives, training and support programmes, relationship management and other general systemic elements. Overtime we will guide you and educate you and your team.

Another service we can provide is to chair the Franchise Advisory Council meetings that you will be having with your franchisees. It is much easier for an independent party to control matters when they become ‘sticky’ without that control being seen as simply the franchisor having their own way in the eyes of franchisees.

As a Franchise Manager we can also:

Review Franchisee Agreements
Review Disclosure Documents
Review Franchisee Report Cards
Write Operations Manuals
Implement Recruitment Systems
Liaise with Accountants
Conduct Psychometric Testing
Monitor KPIs & Financial Performance
Make Strategy Recommendations
Conduct Workshops
Monitor Compliance
Provide Office Support
Act as an ‘Idea Sounding Board’

And More…

With over 35 years of experience in the franchising world- BDA are the natural choices if you are wanting expert consultants who have managed many other successful franchise networks in the past.

The assistance that you will receive is invaluable and supports significant saving to the business in time and money and stress.