Franchise Advisor

Your role as the Franchisor requires your full time attention. There are many tasks that if not actioned quickly have the potential to hinder your growth plans.

Alongside our extensive range of consulting services to create and further develop business systems, BDA also provides this range of additional support to Franchisors. This range of services is based on providing advice to you instead of doing the work for you.

Whilst not always clearly recognised, coaching and mentoring is a critical part of any sound business; as the decision makers must have the opportunities for brainstorming and a franchise-centric individual whom they can bounce ideas off.

To achieve their personal and organisational objectives, a Franchisor needs to play an active role in developing the skills of the people reporting to them by maximizing their strengths and identifying and improving on their weaknesses.

Most Franchisors make many small and unfortunate mistakes in the process of executing their strategic growth plans and our task is to minimise those where possible.

If you ask any experienced Franchisor; they will tell you that if they had access to knowledgeable help and advice along the way they would have achieved their goals much sooner.

There are a variety of good reasons as to why you may need a Franchise Advisor:

1. You are facing immediate issues and need a fresh view.
2. Poor performance issues.
3. You want to maintain your edge.
4. You need to be challenged.
5. You need a sounding board for ideas.
6. You need assistance with transition.
7. You need guidance regarding the future direction of the business.
8. You would value personal support.

With over 35 years of experience in the franchising world- BDA are the natural choices if you are wanting expert consultants who have advised many other successful franchise networks in the past.

The assistance that you will receive is invaluable and supports significant saving to the business in time and money and stress.