Fernandez frames the future of franchising

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

Two-hundred-and-sixty Australians without businesses. Over 400 stores to be shut down in the next 2.5 years. What went wrong for these two Australian franchise groups?

Local radio station, Pirate88, caught up with Perth’s franchising expert, Mark Fernandez from Business Development Alliance, to discuss what he thinks went wrong and why increasing regulations is not the answer to fixing this franchising fiasco.

After the events that occurred last week, including the announcement that Aussie Farmers Direct was closing down as well as the release of RFG’s accounts detailing a drastic net loss of $87.8 million, Australian’s are left wondering if franchising is still a secure line of investment.

In the video below, Mark Fernandez, Director of award-winning franchise consultancy, BDA, says franchising “is still very strong”, however stresses the importance of continued education of the franchisor and franchisees.

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