DISC ADVANCED® Individual Assessment

DISC ADVANCED® Individual Assessment
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DISC ADVANCED® Team Assessment
The Possible Applications
Why Use DISC ADVANCED® Profiling


Advanced Psychometrics:

Psychometric profiling identifies a person’s main behavioural style. Some instruments identify the respondent’s “natural style”, some their “adjusted style” and some analyse both. Our main or “natural behavioural style” is the way in which we find it easiest to behave and react. It is our default way of reacting to a situation and determines how and what we think about how we should behave, solve problems, treat others and generally feel about things. Our adjusted style is our reaction to our environment. DISC ADVANCED® shows both “adjusted” and “natural” styles.

The Individual Profile:

The written report or ‘profile’ will contain the following information:

The DISC ADVANCED® process is designed to provide users with practical and, most importantly, useable, information. Too often behavioural assessment systems are incomplete, leaving participants wondering, “What now?”

The DISC ADVANCED® process provides a platform for achieving real results. For example, DISC ADVANCED® reports include action plans for the respondent, for the supervisor and for the recruiter, including:

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