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By: Jo Saunders


Your sharing habits on social media might be losing your friends, clients, respect and money! Wildfire Social Marketing’s Director Jo Saunders weighs in on effective use of ever important social media platforms.

Each social media platform has its own boundaries but these are not set by the platform, but by your network. Each person has different expectations and opinions when it comes to how often to post. So how do you know what is the right amount of content to share and how often?

You need to start with knowing;

Facebook may be a bit more forgiving when it comes to amount of sharing, given it covers all aspects of life. Understand audience segmentation when posting, to win with this platform.

Twitter works best with space between posts, use of relevant hashtags and knowing when your audience are online most.

LinkedIn is about valuable content and timing. There is no magic formula, so test and measure what works best for your network. Don’t post updates on top of each other.

What Not To Do

Looking through my LinkedIn home feed today, one connection has shared quote images containing her own quotes. These are great as part of a comprehensive strategy, but the mistake was over posting in a short space of time. The posts came in at 14 minutes ago, 16 minutes, 17 minutes, 18 minutes, 20 minutes, 31 minutes, 35 minutes, 36 minutes … All the same type of outward posts. Another connection had this sort of activity with no conversation in between, but rather than inspirational quotes, the posts were just promotions, with multiples posts within each hour.

Either they don’t understand LinkedIn yet or have outsourced their LinkedIn without first understanding how to use it well. Outsourcing isn’t the issue. Without a strategy that works with the platform, the understanding of what is being outsourced, or by engaging someone lacking the skills and experience to drive the vehicle, success will be limited.

One-way communication alone is not enough. Badly timed communication or a flood of updates will actually do your presence damage. Your posts will possibly be hidden or worst case, the person will remove you as a connection.

What To Do

In order to build a relationship, you need to take each person through the know-like-trust stages, once you know who your target market are and what problems you solve best for them.

To do this;

  1. Create a strong profile to position you as the expert in your field
  2. Create a connection and communication strategy
  3. Engage with your network
  4. Invite them to experience your services
  5. Deliver value to become a trusted advisor and develop advocates.


Do you understand how you can leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email marketing to work with your website and blog content, to amplify your profile and position you as an authority in your field?

If you are confused, overwhelmed, or simply don’t have time but want the results, then invest in yourself, by engaging the expertise of someone who specialises in using social media and online marketing to achieve your outcomes.

If I can’t help you, I may be able to connect you with a fellow expert via my network of specialists.

About Jo Saunders & Wildfire Social Marketing

Jo Saunders of Wildfire Social Marketing is a digital communication consultant, writer and trainer. Our mission is to help consultants and professional services teams connect and communicate with their target market using the right tools, LinkedIn being at the core of the social media tools.


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