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The Secrets of Selecting a Consultant

Peter Buckingham- headshot

NEW Spectrum logo - PBBy: Peter Buckingham

Many of the big names of industry, in their semi-retirement, hang out the shingle to offer their services to anyone who believes their story, and also become a “Consultant”. Interesting how their views on Consultants can change!

Whether you are a small or large business, the offer of a “let me make it right for you” solution can be either an effective fix, or an expensive exercise for your business.

Consultants are seen as a strange breed by many… Experts, Boffins, Propeller Heads, Conmen, something in between all of the above, or someone who can really help your business.  Most come with experience and ideas, and it is their responsibility to perform or else for you!

There are many different varieties of consultants in industry including:

and a heap of professions that are in my view consultants as well:

How do you pick a consultant to assist you, and how do you work with them to achieve what you are looking for?

Just remember you are not hiring a consultant by the hour, but rather for the years of experience they bring to the issues you need assistance with. Most good consultants come with the necessary experience, and reasonable academic qualifications. On top of this there are qualifications issued by groups such as the FCA (Franchise Council of Australia), the AIM (Australian Institute of Management) and the IMC (Institute of Management Consultants) to name a few.

When you go to a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or a surgeon, you actually know they have achieved a professional level to be allowed to work in their profession. Unfortunately there is no such requirement of consultants, and the right to “hang out a shingle” is one anyone can do, whether they have experience, qualifications, or have just run a hot dog stand!

Good consultants, like lawyers, should be both qualified and keeping up to date with their area of expertise.

Select well Grasshopper!

Peter Buckingham is the Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd, the leading Geodemographic and Sales Prediction Modelling Company in Australia. He worked for Caltex for 20 years in many areas including 2 years in Perth and specialises in site selection process and territory planning. He is also a Director and past Vic / Tas President of the Institute of Management Consultants. Peter is contactable by email at:

peterb@spectrumanalysis.com.au or visit www.spectrumanalysis.com.au.

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Michael Shanahan: Property and Leasing Expert


Michael Shanahan is BDA’s new addition as a senior property consultant with over 23 years practical experience in the commercial property industry. Michael has a strong knowledge of the Western Australian leasing market both in the Perth Metropolitan and country areas over a broad cross section of property classes including retail, showroom and offices.

During his career to date Michael has also been responsible for negotiating leases in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory.

Michael’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University and a Graduate Certificate in Shopping Management from the Property Council of Australia.

Michael has worked for a number of large institutional Landlords and major commercial real estate agencies and has specialist skills in new lease and lease renewal negotiations, site selection, performance benchmarking, dispute resolution and lease strategy presentation.

In his professional dealings Michael has leased shops to national retail chains, large and small franchise systems and individual business owners. Michael enjoys taking a strategic, innovative and sometimes lateral approach to finding property solutions on behalf of clients.

Michael’s broad experience in the property industry, honest and hard working reputation together with his proven track record to identify and implement commercial and cost effective outcomes can assist business to reach the goals.

Michael can be contacted at Business Development Alliance (DBA) at Level 2, Suite 6A, 47 Kishorn Road, Applecross WA 6153, by telephone on (08) 9364 3811 or 0408 578 667 or by e-mail at Michael@bda-online.com.au.

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FRANCHISING STAR: 10 Minutes with Aroma Cafe’s Alicia Mule

In this installment of FRANCHISING STARS, we are privileged enough to interview Alicia Mule the General Manager of the successful and ever expanding franchise Aroma Cafe.

aroma shop image

Aroma Cafe Logo - Horizontal

Aroma Cafe has been a formidable force within the food industry, what do you think is behind its longevity and success?
Unwavering commitment to our ideals and a strong passion for what we do. We have never tried to expand rapidly and have instead concentrated on quality over quantity. This runs throughout our business from the sites we select to the recipes and products we use. We’re also always keen to try something new and expand into new markets and territories. We never get complacent.

What is the biggest challenge right in your particular business and the sector you trade in?
Our challenge over the last year or so has been finding new ideal locations for our cafes. We don’t want to sign up a lease just for the sake of it, or enter sites that we may not suit 100%. The perfect Aroma Cafe location is not all that common. We look at each one as ruthlessly as possible and would rather let them pass by than sign it up if we’re not so sure about it.

What is the key driver for customer loyalty and how is Aroma Cafe attracting loyal customers?
Customer loyalty is driven by the attitude and personality of each of our Franchise Partners. We know how important it is to be likable to customers and to say “yes” to any request that may arise. We will do whatever possible to ensure our customers genuinely like our people and keep returning.

What is going to be the focus for Aroma Cafe this financial year?
Finding new, suitable locations and expanding further into the health sector.

What qualities do you look for in a prospective franchisee and how does that tie in with the Aroma Cafe brand?
We look for attitude over skills and dedication over experience. We have the ability to teach anyone how to be a great cafe operator and business owner if they have the drive and passion to succeed.

Describe your ideal franchisee.
Someone with a positive attitude, a love of people and a passion for our brand.

How do you benchmark franchisee success?
We have a lot of benchmarks based on growth, operations and KPI’s, however our true indicator of success is the desire to always improve, and never get complacent. While we respect the basics, we know that it’s pushing boundaries and wanting better for our businesses, our lives and our customers is that breads success, so we encourage it.

Define ‘success’ in five words.
The desire to be better.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date and why?
My Dad, Robert Mule. He has taught be so much about the franchise, cafe and hospitality business since starting the franchise in 1996. His values have not changed since starting his first cafe in Wesley Arcade in the Perth CBD and I’m constantly reminded of how the fundamentals of customer service remain important today.

So how much of Daniel Ricciardo’s success do you think is attributed to Aroma Cafe?
Ha-ha I’m going to say none. Daniel has worked so hard for everything he has achieved and we’re so proud of him. Although I’m sure the Rome Rolls didn’t hurt.

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How to Keep Control of Your Business as it Grows and Add Value to the Exit Price in the Process!

Rupen_West Australian (2) CFO resized

the_cfo_centre_RGB_300dpi (2)By: Rupen Kotecha

As a CEO do you have control over the growth of your business? Are you currently adding value to the exit price? Rupen Kotecha from The CFO Centre has written an article discussing the potential barriers surrounding this topic and how to overcome them.

Time is the Problem
Not having enough time is the enemy for most entrepreneurs and business owners as they grow their business. Operational demands of the day mean many businesses owners are just happy to survive rather than thrive.

A common complaint from CEOs are “ I knew we had a ‘good business’ but we knew we were barely scraping the surface in terms of potential…” or “My expertise is in growing businesses and the irony was that I was spending 90% of my time simply making sure that the business was functioning”.

Either way, working “in the business” rather than working “on the business” is a recipe for disaster, or at best disappointment!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Controlled Delegation is the Answer
Effective and controlled delegation is critical for a business to grow and will allow you to focus on planning and growth and will make the business less dependent on you.

The key is to ensure that the correct systems and procedures are in place.

Many business owners and MD’s  believe that “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself” – an attitude that often prevents delegation.

Improper delegation can cause a host of problems, primary of which is an incorrectly completed task, which may hurt the overall productivity of the organization.

Delegation is not difficult. Anyone can give an assignment to someone. However, effective delegation (assigning a task to the correct person) is a highly skilled process that requires planning, thought, and managerial skill.

Don’t start with everything at once – usually the best place to start is with the simple things that take time but that staff can be educated and trained on easily. First aim is to get your staff to take responsibility and empowerment for the things you are happy that their skills are capable of delivering. Over time, the aim should be to build up systems and procedures for all key activities of the business, including but not restricted to financial decisions, the legal requirements to hold employment policies, health and safety policies etc.

The added benefit of such an approach is that when you come to prepare your business for sale, potential buyers of your business will be able to see how the business is run.

The CFO Centre
Today’s business environment is fluid, dynamic and evolving at a far greater pace than even a decade ago. Those businesses that do not operate within this paradigm will become uncompetitive, underperform and eventually fail.

The CFO Centre business planning process helps business owners to move from a disorganised culture of “fire fighting’ to a more ordered and dependable culture where the whole team has a clear direction and visibility and each of the cogs within the business work together as part of a well oiled machine.

An MD should be investing for growth and with the right CFO beside them to allow them the space to run the business.

It is the CFO who tells you the current situation, the CFO who with you, works out where you want to go and the CFO who assists you to get to that point.

In simple terms, a CFO will provide a commercial approach involved in developing and implementing strategy based focused on the growth of the business and making money.

We are not accountants or financial controllers, we are Chief Financial Officers. We have run the finances of some of the most significant companies across every industry and sector imaginable. What’s more, you can have one of us, a top flight CFO, at a fraction of the cost because all of our CFOs work for their clients part-time.

Rupen Kotecha is the Managing Director of the the CFO Centre and for further information visit the website www.cfocentre.com.au  or contact Rupen at rupen.kotecha@cfocentre.com.au

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Former West Coast Eagles Star, Andrew Embley Announced as Guest Speaker at Corporate Golf Day

TBB-EmbleyThe 5th Birthday of the Walker Wayland BDA Franchising & Business Corporate Charity Golf Day 2015 is shaping up to be a huge day with the recent announcement of Andrew Embley as the guest speaker and attendee.

We at BDA are dedicated to making our 5th Golf Day the biggest one yet with Andrew introducing and welcoming our corporate golf enthusiasts to the day as they prepare to swing into action and support the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA (MSWA). The 2006 Norm Medallist and West Coast Eagles star will have the chance to mingle with participants throughout the course of the day. With 250 Games & 216 Goals with West Coast Eagles, and legendary status as a 2006 Premiership Player – he will be one to watch on the day!

It is expected that almost 100 players, primarily from the franchising and business community, will play 9 holes Ambrose rules at the scenic Maylands Peninsula Golf Course for the chance to win prizes and to raise money for MSWA who will be using the funds to provide support and services to people living with multiple sclerosis in WA. It is an all-day affair of fun activities, celebrity entertainment, good food, free-flowing drinks, networking and a charity auction with the playing of golf often taking a backseat.

Marketed as ‘not your typical corporate golf day’; BDA Director and organiser Mark Fernandez says of the event: “If you are not a keen golfer – congratulations, you are the perfect candidate to attend! This day is open for all and is all about having fun and helping our local community and those living with MS.”

Tickets are priced at $148 for the full-day including the golf, cart hire, pre-game sausage sizzle, celebrity entertainment, luncheon and charity auction. Half-day tickets are available for $95 and are inclusive only of the luncheon, celebrity entertainment and charity auction. If you would like to enter a team and ‘sponsor-a-hole’ there are still some packages remaining.

Click here to visit the golf day website and learn more.

Click below to join us in celebrating the 5th birthday of the Walker Wayland BDA Franchising and Business Corporate Golf Day.

Eventbrite - Walker Wayland BDA Franchising & Business Corporate Charity Golf Day 2015  - Proudly Supporting MSWA

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How to Franchise Your Business Seminar – March 2015

For all those who are attending the How to Franchise Your Business Seminar – March 2015 featuring our Director, Mark Fernandez, Borrello Legal’s Joe Lazzara and McKinley Plowman & Associate’s Alec Blacklaw and would like a one-page *pdf outline for your personal records or to pass onto a friend who might be interested, we have it available for download below:


Download Now – Right click save as –  *pdf (1.2 mb)

We hope to see you all there in what will prove to be a ‘one stop shop’ on franchising. If you have ever contemplated franchising your business then this seminar is a must!

Networking drinks and nibbles after the seminar will give you the chance to meet the speakers and ask those burning questions you may have.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so below as places are filling up fast.


Date: Wednesday 25th March 2015
Time: 6:00pm for 6:30pm start – 8:30pm
Venue: Kailis Bros., 101 Oxford Street, Leederville
Cost: $35 + GST – refreshments and canapes will be provided

Eventbrite - BDA How to Franchise Your Business Seminar - March 2015

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FRANCHISING STARS: 10 Minutes with FitChip’s Jackie Dihm & Kaye Craddock

In this installment of FRANCHISING STARS, we are privileged enough to interview Jackie Dihm and Kaye Craddock, the two Managing Directors of the hugely successful and ever expanding franchise FitChips.



Tell us about how FitChips was conceived:

Ten years ago the new era of healthier fast food was just beginning and we were inspired by the idea of finding a better alternative to the world’s favourite snack : chips!  

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Asset Protection – Is it your New Year’s Resolution? If not, you should make it one!



By: Thomas Henn

Are your assets adequately protected against any potential ‘rainy days’ ? Thomas Henn, Senior Taxation & Commercial Lawyer at Murfett Legal has written an article on what to keep in mind when implementing an effective asset protection strategy.

We all make New Year’s resolutions. Some common ones might be…

Few of us consider making a New Year’s resolution to ensure that our assets are protected from creditors, but it is something that we should definitely turn our minds to.

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Returning to work after the holidays: make January the most productive



By: Jayne Griffiths

Jayne Griffiths has been kind enough to contribute an article on an often untouched upon topic – returning to work after the festive holidays! Find out how to make your organisation’s January more productive.

January. The month when people slowly emerge from the haze of the holidays, wondering how they had arrived.

Many business owners who we have spoken to have expressed their frustration with a lack of productivity in January due to the aftermath of the holidays, with many employees, customers, clients, and contractors still on leave, working reduced hours, or mentally still in holiday mode.

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Free Software and Tools to Streamline Your Business

Steve Cartwright, Owner of FX Digital has been kind enough to contribute an article on ‘Free Software and Tools to Streamline Your Business’ – it may give you the edge in 2015!


By: Steve Cartwright


Who says nothing in life is free, when it comes to some pretty amazing software and tools that you can use for your business right now, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact there is free software and tools available that can help run almost your entire business. In fact as somebody that develops websites so that they buzz and sizzle I should start with WordPress, as this has fast become one of my favorites, it is a free open source content management system that anyone can use to design a website at no cost whatsoever. Let’s look at a few others commonly used free software and tools.

Open Office (Free Software) 

This is a fully-fledged open source office suite with all the functionality and bells and whistles you’re used to having with MS Office. It has word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, 3D illustrator, database, and a mathematical equation editor. It’s everything you need in an office productivity suite.

Link: Open Office

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