Centre of Perth is still in Perth Waters!

Posted on by Mark Fernandez

After a review of the Census of Population and Housing of 2011 statistics it seems that the new centre of Perth is actually in the middle of Perth Waters.

Census 2011, which is distributed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is their largest statistical operation ever, measuring the number of people in Australia on Census Night (9/08/2011), their key characteristics, and the dwellings in which they live.

According to the ABS, the 2011 Census was the largest logistical peacetime operation ever undertaken in Australia, employing over 43,000 field staff to ensure approximately 14.2 million forms were delivered to 9.8 million households. The 2011 Census will cost about $440 million, or about $19 per person.

In terms of population, the Perth population has increased by 13.9% since the 2006 census, to 1,645,259. From the census statistics we can see Perth has actually grown faster than any other of the 5 main cities in Australia.

The census shows that Adelaide grew 5.6%, whilst Sydney achieved only a 6.6% growth in the 5 year period. Melbourne faired slightly better at 9.7%, whilst Brisbane grew at 11.2%. The implications of Perth’s growth can be felt around the city, especially in the vibrant new areas that are being built.

Region Region Classification Geographic Centroid Within Suburb – 2006 Census Geographic Centroid Within Suburb – 2011 Census Population – 2006 Census Population – 2011 Census Percentage Change
Perth Statistical Division Swan River (Between Perth and South Perth) Swan River (Between Perth and South Perth) 1,445,093 1,645,259 13.9%
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